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About Us

It was 2018 and we were done eating unhealthy breads.

As you would know, most mass market breads are filled with preservatives, artificial flavours and emulsifiers. We loved our breads but baking them at home was tough. Where was the clean and easy to get bread of our dreams?

Not being able to find anything in the market, we set out to create our own. And so The Bread Company was born. For breads made with organic ingredients, containing no nasties and always good for you.

2017 November

We start working on our breads out of home

2018 March

Aastha's dad helping her sample breads at organic markets

2018 June

Our breads with their distinct packaging start getting sold in stores

We only make no nasties “good for you Products”

Since then, our journey has grown to introduce a host of baked foods. But our principles have always remained the same. At The Bread Company, we are on a journey of doing away with all the bad guys ( this means no junk, no refined sugar laden food, no preservatives filled stuff).

Instead we want to make wholesome food with honest ingredients. What are honest ingredients? Well put simply the stuff you can pronounce without needing to google it.

So everything we make is filled with super nutrient dense ingredients which are amazing for you. And it tastes great as well. How did we do it, you ask? We’re obsessed with good food that tastes great and we’re hoping this leads to you being obsessed with us.

2018 August

Off for early morning bread distribution

2018 November

We launch our rainbow bread

2019 March

We start working on launching our cookies

Some (non-trivial) trivia about us

Before we go, here’s some other stuff about us:

- Our founder Aastha is a mom and she’s obsessed with both our ingredients and quality. In fact she’s so obsessed, that she’d like you to write in to in case there’s something you’d like to say

- And lastly...well nothing really left to say (we’re a company of few words and ingredients) so here’s a discount code then: Take 15% off on your next purchase with the code : ingredientsyouknow

2019 June

Working on new products and ideas

2019 July

Shifting and we're stuck!