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14 in 1 Superfoods seeds and nut mix | 125 gms

Seeds and nuts

Gluten free

All natural


Superfoods filled


1. This seed and nut mix has all our superstar ingredients coming together to create an explosion of taste, flavor and goodness with each ingredient handpicked for its health beneficial properties

2. Filled with the goodness of14 superfoods and sweetened with jaggery

3. Contains no chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavors

Key Ingredients

Chia seeds, Flax seeds, Pumpkin seeds



Key benefits

Seeds are a rich source of healthy fats, fibers and various antioxidants that are beneficial for the heart

Nuts and seeds have the ability to slow down digestion can be linked to diabetes prevention

Nuts are known for reducing LDL levels (known as the bad cholesterol), a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease

Complete ingredient list

sunflower seeds, melon kernels, honey, roasted peanuts, pumpkin seeds, jaggery powder, raisins, flax seeds, walnuts, almonds, cranberries, cashewnuts, chia seeds

Nutrition Facts

30 g serving
Energy/Calories kcal 134.424
Carbohydrates g 9.366
Total Fat g 10.716
Saturated Fat* mg 0.54
Polyunsaturated* mg 0
Monounsaturated* mg 0
Trans Fat* mg 0
Protein g 8.529
Sugar (as sucrose) g 2.142
Sodium g 25.5

How to consume it?

1. Perfect evening munching with tea and coffee

2. On the go convenience with reseable bottles

3. Eat it as a snack by the handful for a crunchy healthy mid day snack

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