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30 Day Diet Challenge Bundle

Listen, are you trying to lose weight but constantly end up having junk food while dieting?

We're solving this problem with our 30 day diet bundle. It covers ALL your healthy eating needs.

With over 1,000 success stories, here is finally an easy path to weight loss

Bundle contents:

 Products Breakfast time All day snacks Tea time Desserts
20 Superfoods muesli Yes Yes
Tropical Quinoa muesli Yes Yes
Fruit and Nut A. Cookie Yes Yes Yes
6 in 1 seeds mix Yes Yes
Pumpkin seeds Yes Yes
Flax seeds Yes Yes
Hazelnut Cocoa Energy balls Yes Yes Yes
Peri Peri snack mix Yes Yes
Cheese and Onion snack mix Yes Yes

This bundle covers all our best products for a 30 day healthy plan:

1. Kick off your day with our 20 Superfood Multigrain Muesli and Tropical Quinoa Fruit Nuts and Seeds Muesli
2. For your snacking, there is the Fruit and Nut Amaranth cookie and our 6-in-1 seed mix
3. Have a sweet craving? Eat one of our delicious Hazelnut cocoa brownie energy balls
4. Top up your foods and salads, with Pumpkin seeds and Flax seeds
5. Midnight munch on our Cheese and Onion Munch mix and Peri Peri Munch mix

SO SAY NO TO UNHEALTHY EATING AND JOIN OUR 30 DAYS DIET CHALLENGE (complimentary suggested meal plan included)

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