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Keto Mania Almond Cookie



· INGREDIENTS: Butter, Watermelon seeds, Flax seeds, Almond Flour, Stevia, Erythritol, Psyllium husk, Salt. Prepared with superb qualities of nuts and almonds. The freshness is retained with natural flavours.


Each Almond Keto Mania cookie (1g) has the perfect quantity of carbs required: 70% lesser carbs, and 60% more protein. More protein will enhance the diet and provides extra energy. Also, along with more protein and lesser carbs, essential minerals and vitamins are also included for the perfect keto mania diet
Indianised Keto Products: These products are specially made for the ketogenic diet. However, your food craving is not neglected. Amazing ingredients are included to give you awesome taste along with maintaining the diet. This is a taste with diet series.
100% Vegetarian: Almond keto mania cookies are all-natural. There is no added sugar, colour or preservatives. This is completely Gluten-free. Contains no artificial compounds or chemicals.
What is Keto Mania Diet?: A keto mania diet is a way to transform the body and lose fat effectively. It is also known as low-diet carb or ketogenic diet. Without any cravings, these almond cookies will help you burn diet quickly.
Keto Mania: Almond keto mania cookies can be taken in during evening as snack or craving time. This can be supplemented along with other keto mania products like keto mania cake, or keto shakes to maintain your effective keto diet

Nutrition Facts

Energy/Calories kcal 215.14
Carbohydrates g 40.765
Total Fat g 5.02
Saturated Fat* mg 0.265
Polyunsaturated* mg 1.3
Monounsaturated* mg 3.12
Trans Fat* mg 0
Protein g 1.725
Sugar (as sucrose) g 0.0

About Keto Mania

Keto Mania is the leading pantry house in the world. It provides specially made ultra low carb and high protein food products that cater to the ongoing health and lifestyle difficulties.

Keto products work on the target areas. Modern-day products hamper the body cycle with high carb and added sugar items. Such food items rapidly increase fat in the body. Keto products are trustworthy and have an amazing performing rate of burning fat.

The Keto Mania Route has a multi-dimensional approach. It doesn’t make your diet by ignoring your favourite foods. Here, Keto Mania Products are tasty and delicious along with low carb ingredients. These products are made of natural and fine nuts and seeds to full your healthy life with taste and joy

Keto mania is specially processed to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Your needs are requirements are considered in making Keto Mania Products. everybody loves to eat smoothies, cake, shakes, and cookies. Sometimes, increasing fat can be your limitation. That is why Keto Mania products are enthusiastically designed to provide a healthy foundation for you..

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